The Rhetoric Triangle

YOU CANNOT NOT COMMUNICATE This is the principle fundamental Proponents of NLP. whatever you think, both Conscious and subconscious mind, you must communicate to convert it to actions by expressing by speaking. Effective communication is critical in any role. Speaking effectively is defined as speaking in such a way that your message is clearly heard. […]

Speak for a Change

Have you come across this type of situation? Whenever our faculty ask us to present a PowerPoint or a seminar when they ask for volunteers… That when we all bend down and act as if we are busy with something else. Right? We keep avoiding it The fear of public speaking is the most common […]

A letter to my Mom

Dear Mom, I have stepped into my 30th year. Like every other birthday, I just wanted to go through my past life but this time it’s not about me. I thought of looking for people who have participated more in my life and been there for me all the time. Guess what, it was you! […]

The Power of ‘Why’

The question word ‘Why’, is it good or bad? It doesn’t matter.What matters is, whether it is useful or not?When you question ‘why’, you come out with discoveries.Only because someone asked ‘why is it like this?’, ‘why can’t it be like that?’ we had several discoveries and inventions, as a result, we are enjoying the […]

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