The KFC formula

If you think this formula is about the fried chicken, we eat, NO. It isn’t. this formula, though looks mild, it is profound and far-reaching. During this pandemic, we keep getting lots of information. Information we need and not need, information which makes you feel good and bad, Information that helps you and ceases you, […]

Change your world by changing the words!!!

The first rule in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is ‘You cannot not communicate’, which means you can never stay without communicating with others to survive. There are different types of communication. The most famous classification is verbal and nonverbal communication. Similarly, we also have a different communication style. Understanding different communication styles and paying attention to […]

Catch of a lifetime

This interesting story struck me real hard. He was eleven years old and went fishing every chance he got from the dock at his family’s cabin on an island in the middle of a New Hampshire lake. On the day before the bass season opened, he and his father were fishing early in the evening, […]

Experiential Learning

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see The biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the students’ attention and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays with them long after they have left the classroom. For this to happen, the learning […]

It’s okay is not okay

It’s okay; what does it mean? Have you ever realized that ‘Okay’ has been used with different meanings in different scenarios; also, it’s one of the most used words? Yes, Okay/Ok is an informal word that has lots of meanings. ‘Okay’ also plays different roles like being a question, exclamation, verb, noun, adverb, and adjective. It’s […]

Know your team

Team building is a process of turning a group of individual employees into a cohesive team. A team is a group of individuals with different styles and different personalities working together for a common goal or an objective. Working together effectively requires collaboration within them. Doing so, the resulting bond will enable them to accomplish […]

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