What is your Leadership Quality

What is your Leadership quality? November 29, 2019, Thanksgiving Day was when I first landed on this moon, the US. it was a noticeably big decision. I started working, i.e. learning, exploring, and experimenting at 16, which is quite common here but in India, with few families, girls can get educated and then get married. […]

Whose fault is it

Whose fault is it Knock Knock! Baby, someone is knocking at our door. “Maintenance!!” Baby, it’s for the maintenance work. Can you please open the door? Sweet husband, he does everything for me. Recently I moved into a new bigger apartment which involves lots of shopping, lots of fittings and lots of maintenance too. The […]

Catch of a lifetime

This interesting story struck me real hard. He was eleven years old and went fishing every chance he got from the dock at his family’s cabin on an island in the middle of a New Hampshire lake. On the day before the bass season opened, he and his father were fishing early in the evening, […]

Wonder woman

“Believe in yourself, the world will believe in you” Saying this, I’m here to share a few of my attributes, that better describes me. The first character I’m going to talk about is about my punctuality. I would love to be punctual in anything I involve. I developed this character by seeing my father. It […]

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