When I get emotional

Following my blogs, you would have seen unique personality traits of mine, but not the emotional me. To help you visualise I would like to share two funny incidents.

One fine day my mom, my younger sister and I, along with my little one shiva we were traveling in our car. We were lucky we got a skilled driver. There was a loud bang as we waited for the signal to change. The car behind us accidentally hit our car. My driver and my sister immediately stepped out and question the other vehicle’s driver. Watching all these, I’m a little extra wiser. That’s what I thought. I asked the driver of the car that hit us to park away from traffic. But that driver was wiser than me. He never stopped or put his gear in neutral to unlock the door.

Now I’m angry pissed off, my eyebrows going up, my face is becoming ferocious. My expectation was to say, “open the damn door now, ” but my voice was shaky. Fine, what could be the better excuse? He’s an unknown person, a stranger. It’s busy and crowded and what not.

Second incident. You guys know that I’m blessed with shiva, my little one, who is cute, smart, handsome extra. The unknown fact about shiva is he drains me out every day and I have to pump my energy up to match up to his energy and curiosity. One fine day, this little guy pulled out the washing machine outlet from its valve. It should be 8 to 12 ounces of water that was remaining in the outlet which immediately gushed out. I asked my dad who was right there to lift my son as it’s a tiled floor and slippery. The basic character of Indian men is that they first panic, then react and finally think. That is what I have seen, and that’s my perception. Hence my dad started yelling at me saying “come to the other side” repeatedly. I wanted to stop him and shouted back. Again expectations was, “can you stop yelling and lift him up?” but in reality it was “stop shouting!” with a squeaky voice. For a moment I quickly asked my inner self where that voice which goes louder when vinoth, my hubby accidentally does mistake. I got a reply saying “sorry, this is the only person available for the moment.”


Hence, I’m here re-introducing me as a person who is brainy, smart, critical thinker, problem solver with a squeaky voice when I get emotional.

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