A throwback memory about my paradise

Chennai is the city where I was born and brought up. It’s a metropolitan city in the state named Tamil Nadu in India. I simply love my city and that’s when I learned about unconditional love. I have roamed almost all the streets, having an emotional bond.

It’s a coastal landscape and has so many beautiful beaches. The world’s second-longest beach ‘Marina’ is also located in Chennai. But my favorite is the ‘Thiruvanmiyur’ beach. I usually go there to admire the beauty of the sunrise. There is a stone bench alongside the pedestrian path which I love for no reason.

The other factor I love about my city is the street food and the night restaurants. You get amazing food at an unbelievably cheap cost anywhere in the city. You need not search for one. For two streets we can find at least one street food vendor. There are night restaurants to support people who work during late hours and available in all cuisines.

Greater Chennai Corporation – Ripon Building

The most important and sentimental factor I like about my city is the diversity there. I have seen people from almost all around the world either working or traveling. My city gives you various opportunities for all aspects you need. People come in for medical purposes, to procure a job, for sightseeing, to live in or settle down. Have also seen foreigners who had come just to do some shopping.

All people live in harmony and peace despite all other differences. I feel proud of being born in Chennai and I miss it a lot.

I would categorize shopping into two categories.

  • The real shopping
  • The window shopping

If its window shopping, just to chill and hang out with friends, then definitely it’s those gigantic malls located all over the city. If it’s real shopping, I can list a few places. They are real quests and worth spending your entire day.

  • Spencer Plaza – One of the old mall in Chennai. I love shopping for all types of apparel except part wears here. They are cheap and worth the cost you spend. I also love the lemonade here. Amazing, thirst-quenching, and the best relaxation after shopping for just Rs. 10/- (3 years back).
  • Parrys Corner, Rich street – as the name goes, people own a shop here is ‘rich’. The shop owners are usually tech guys who do not have a certification. Yeah, you get all types of electronic goods here. You can also approach them for service & repairs. Watch out friends, everything has its dark side. Just check for the authenticity of the products.
  • Beach station – this is exactly my favorite category, Food! Almost 3 to 4 streets opposite the beach suburban railway station, you can find tasty mouthwatering middle eastern foods, especially Kabbab’s and Falooda’s. You must walk a lot and explore your favorite shop.
Ranganathan street – T.Nagar commercial area
  • T.Nagar Ranganathan street & Washermenpet – famous places for shopping apparel. I also shop for party wear here. You get a casual frock/ dress for just Rs. 300/- from the street vendors by the sides of the bridge. It’s them who add a festive effect to the entire location. You can spend a solid two days to cover at least 80% of the shops. Not just apparel, we also have exclusive jewelry showrooms.
  • IMAX and Palazo – the IMAX theater at the phoenix mall and the Palazo at Forum mall are the famous and trending theaters. They have nine screens and excellent sound. The architecture and atmosphere are lovely. The PVR cinemas at the VR mall are the theaters evolving in the market, trying hard in the race.
  • The Queen’s land – the best amusement park with both dry and wet rides. The Himalayan ride is my favorite one. There were times where this become a frequently suggested hangout spot.
  • Mudaliarkuppam Boat House – the beautiful and peaceful spot I have ever gone near a city. It is located on the East Coast Road, 92 km away from Chennai city towards Pondicherry. You can travel to a nearby island by choosing a motor or Rowboats. This island connects Odiyur lake backwaters and the beach water from The Bay of Bengal. The fisherman living nearby visit and sell tender coconuts on the island. Otherwise, there’s no habilitation in the tiny piece of land. You will enjoy a calm, pleasant blissful moment.

Do you now get it? Why do I miss my city so much? Yes. So, friends, If you happen to travel to Chennai – my paradise don’t hesitate to ping me for more adventure and exciting memorable experiences.

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