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I would like to take this moment as an opportunity to share my gratitude to all the lovable people who were the reasons for this moment of success. It was my dear husband, love of my life who first said, “I feel you will do great writing blogs, you have this skill; why don’t you try this?” and gave more insights about other blog sites and blogs.

Then my journey with MACTOAST Toastmasters, when I was at level 4, where I had to choose one elective project. The moment I saw the title ‘write a compelling blog’ I never hesitated to activate it. That’s how Inside Out started.

Inside Out is all about my thoughts, my knowledge, my ideas anything which is inside me, I’m sharing it to the outside world. Inside Out is a platform that helps me to build my connections with the outside world.

My husband and I together built this site with so much excitement, love, and motivation incorporating all suggestions and ideas we got. He did all the technical work where I was feeding the site with content. It was like bringing up our kid.

Once the site was all set to go, I shared it with our VC of education Mr. Emerson Stewart, and I would say he is the right man for that post. The feedback on his evaluation sheet was so inspiring and motivating. So constructive. He also said “I hope you consider continuing” I will Emerson and Thank you.

Then I shared it with the person who inspired me the most in my toastmasters’ journey, Distinguished Division Director Mr. Tracy Baker, Dayton United Communicators. His comment was so supportive and increased my confidence.

I shared it with many people using social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. I got good comments. I would like to show a few analytics and my site. Finally, I shared it with my mentor from MacToast toastmasters the one and only Rolanda Rowland. I was just euphoric, deliriously happy seeing her Email.

I thank everyone who supported and motivated me and of course will be continuing to support me. It helps me to believe and trust people around me, utilize my skills and interest, fix a goal, and keep working towards it with full commitment. Here I stand celebrating with my friends.

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