Wonder woman

“Believe in yourself, the world will believe in you”

Saying this, I’m here to share a few of my attributes, that better describes me.

The first character I’m going to talk about is about my punctuality. I would love to be punctual in anything I involve. I developed this character by seeing my father. It creates a sense of responsibility towards my commitment. It helps me to think and come out with brilliant ideas. I could also stretch to help people in need preferably in people management.

Every Monday, I make sure I’m 15 mins early, having some cute chat with Ms. Eloise, distributing the agenda, I love that. I hope she does too.

The second character, I would also say my strength, that is my sense of humor and thought of engaging people. This character helps me to create closeness, bond and eventually churning to trust. Luckily my personality became the nature of the career I chose.

Back in India, I was working with an MNC in the L&D department. Out of 400 employees I nearly knew and was close with 380 people. I was handling the induction session which helped me to get to know people much better. People started coming to discuss both personal and professional problems based on the confidence they had on me, on the bond we carried. I’m proud that I earned scads of lifelong friendship, the most valuable asset one can hold.

The third character, the most important value, the value I admire the most is Integrity. I give a word and I die to stick to it. ‘Walk the talk’ is how I live. I have faced several tough times fighting for integrity. But the moment I win, the sense of doing right makes me feel proud.

Last but not the least, Love. There is some supreme power in this world beyond mankind is Love. Love is God. I believe so. Love and respect every single creature on earth. Saying this I am not a saint with a pure soul. But I know to love my fellow being, showing some compassion, and helping people in need whenever I can.

With a bag of mixed characters, I am definitely a wonder woman loving you all.

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