The light house

Once you find your lighthouse, the rest of the travel can be considered smooth. The choice of career was not that easy at my teenage. I had several bits of advice, opportunities, area of interest, and passion as well. I sing and dance. Also, I am good at my acting skills. Now which one to choose.

Amid this confused state, I assured myself that I’ll do something in life which keeps me alive, interesting, and add meaning to it. I was like a pirate in search and finally found my mentor like a treasure, Mr. Price, an international trainer. He was my first mentor. He was my trainer assigned for the personality development class in 2010 during my graduation period.

He made me realize what were my strengths and opportunities. Of course, he also made me realize my weakness and threats in my later period. I love to talk to people, just random people. Love to think, love standing under the limelight. Influencing and persuading people for a better cause. Respected and admired by people around. Yes. Yes, this is it. I wanted to be a trainer, just like him.

Not only that, but he also showed me how to be a good human being, a good family man. Always loved and liked by people at his family. I got this enlightenment as I was also treated as a family member.

‘Present opportunities are not to be neglected; they rarely visit us twice’ So, ingeniously I grabbed the opportunity. I was part of his training team. I also went to his office during weekends and learned a few admin and marketing skills.

I have done so many mischiefs along with my friends and got into trouble. He never advises us with monologs. He has never been bitter on us, at least haven’t expressed. All that he did was, he showed us how to live life with all ups and downs, to move forward, focusing on achievements. All the moments with him was always an iceberg – little expressed but a lot to be thought and processed. Today who I am is part of the insight he gave me then.

I do feel every human being needs a mentor. A person to guide you, support you, believe you, and make you achieve what you want to. Otherwise, life will be like a racehorse running towards no finish line. If not him, I would have chosen some other random career and may not be happy about that or my life would haven’t been fulfilled.

Today I’m considered unique and different among all family members, school mates, and college mates because I am a trainer. Indeed, I’m proud that I have learned something from my mentor and followed his footsteps and still following.

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