Best memory ever

“Life brings three things; tears smile and for sure memories”

The most precious memory of my life was school days which I like to cherish lifelong. I studied in a school which was founded in the year 1924, almost 100 years old. It’s a huge campus with vast landscapes and trials. We loved our school as we spent most of our time on the campus. For 14 years we were the headstrong batch troubling our principal all way possible. We also earned credit to the school’s name in all ways possible. We were playing two sides of a coin.

We used to play silly games and tricks. We also invented code languages that soon become famous all over the campus. Among all fun, we were also known for our ‘truth or dare’ game. Every Thursday, the last hour was usually games. We will have students from different grades blend and form different groups called ‘Alayah’ (houses) with their captains and practice for some specific game.

It takes at least 10 mins for people to assemble take instructions and then disperse for practice with their house members. Our dare for the day was to use that 10 mins go to the cafeteria and grab an ice cream individually, get back and mix with the crowd and pretend nothing happened. This ice cream was famous, looks like lipstick, tastes delicious, and costs only 5rs. We accepted the challenge and set our course to the canteen.

That exact day the games hour got canceled and everyone was asked to get back to their class for some guest lecture which we were unaware of. The 9th min when we were on the verge of the task, to our surprise that part of the campus was completely empty. One house captain came running towards us, communicated the entire story, and enlightened us about the big trouble that we are at with Ms. Victoria, our PT instructor.

Bang!! We had our bright little brain started working. We asked our dear messenger to distract Ms. Victoria and started walking to the backside of that block, where we have knee-high shrubs with all kinds of insects. I would call it an exciting trail. Successfully crossed and reached the other end of the trail. The last step of the mission was to jump and grab the staircase to climb upstairs and we are safe.

Ms. Victoria finally caught the last girl in the mission during her attempt. With no doubt or delay, she guessed it was us and sent word, asking us to meet her in the staff room. Now we terrified her. She was only expecting one or two, but we were 15 who stood in front of her. Friends for life didn’t want to let anyone down.

Now it’s her turn. The punishment she gave was epic, remarkable and one of its kind. We certainly got terrified. She bought us the same ice cream, made us stand at the entrance with the ice cream. As and when every staff and students pass us, we will feel humiliated, change into an obedient kid overnight was her idea. Guess what? We just enjoyed our second ice cream.

Never regret anything that happened in the past. Every single memory could be our learning or achievements. Every single memory could be the best memory ever.

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